Decorating Living Hall

Living hall is the first space when you enter any house hence the importance to make this space as comfortable as you wish is top priority. We’ve been living in a non- functioning hall for a while in our old place and trust me it sets the wrong mood all the time. Because simply it could be the heart of a home to be honest- youmd spend time relaxing, conversing and even entertaining guests there. So setting up a proper ambience is crucial. 

Both me and ted, we agree that we need to get things sorted in our living hall. I mean- our cheap sofa just doesn’t do justice at all to the overall mood and we are sick of its disfunctioning condition. So we agree that it is high time for us go get another one. 

Well obviously the key factors to a living hall are the sofa, the curtain and the lights. Try it- change any of those state and you’ll be able to see instant chnages in the mood. So in our case here- our old sofa gotta go. 
Buying a sofa is tedious- we studied a lot of design, color and practicality now that we have one wild kid on the loose. We surveyed many types of sofa in different furniture store because we know for sure we can’t rush this decision like the previous sofa(spent 15 minutes deciding and get ours delivered within 3 hours)

Major decision is the material- do we want PU leather that might be a little sweaty when sat for a long time or can we affordreal leather  which   obviously will be long lasting or simply fabric but easily stained. Ted knows for sure that he wants PU but I don’t quiet like the sweaty factor. Fabric is mostly cheaper than PU but we have to make sure it is easy to maintain since we have small kid whise hands are always sticky(and dirty😑) 


I told ted that we dint have to spend that much money on the sofa because it is only our second time purchasing it and in the long run probably when kids are a little grown up- then we can get a better one.

Delivery and installation:

Buying from a furniture store and IKEA are two very different approach. FS will assemble amd deliver to your living hall and that makes it a lot more easier all you gotta do is wait. IKEA on the other hand is all YOU. You gotta buy it, bring it back, put them all together- all on your own. There won’t even be anyone to help you carry it up to your car. So strength and team work is highly necessary. Price wise; for sofa from Korea in a regular furniture store it’ll cost you around 2.5k minimum whilst in IKEA, an international quality is available at 1.2k only. The only catch is that you gotta do everything yourself. That is why you are paying more in a furniture store because you’re paying their assembly cost and shipping. 

One thing we like about IKEA’s furniture- 10 years warranty. I mean come on- their products are so good they dare give you a guarantee. Can’t beat that.
So we ended up purchasing a sofa from IKEA- a three seater packed into three parts and transported back to a different state in a 4×4 wheeler. If we want to get it delivered it’ll cost us 550 which we are not so crazy about. So both me and Ted ended up carrying things up the truck by ourselves with baby in the car playing by himself. On our way back it even rained! Lol. We got home at around 2 am and even though we were mad sleepy throughout the journey- once we got home our eyes were wide awake and we instantly work on assembling the sofa.   

These boxes are crazy big we were sooo worried that it might not fit into our 4×4. Thank goodness we were not crazy enough to drive our sedan😂(i swear we almost did that)

  I read the manual and pass the nuts and bolts and screws while he did all the job.

The heaviest of all the packages. I love our teamwork in getting this dream done- both me and ted. I don’t think I can do the same if it is a different person. Almost 3 am when we finished and the result…

                     We got a friggin sofa!

Here  is the complete view of our hall now. Not much going on but we looooove it so much. I think overall that most difficult part was the window because it is a really odd sized window and the layout is a little tight for us to squeeze in single seaters later on. I love this and Alhamdulillah I hope our family love it too later when they come by. I am proud of my husband for working so hard to get this without debt and we were both nervous about this big purchase – but I am super glad we did! Instantly changed the mood to the while house💋


Hope and new beginnings

May this change brings us closer to the Almighty with this love and thankfulness in our hearts. May this be a bonding to this family and this hall be a place wherewe nurture   our love towards each other- insyaAllah. And also- I hope this brings massive positive changes into my routines too😅

Looking forward to more adventure soon!


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