Waltz in dear 2017

It is almost the end of the second week of 2017 and here I am laying down on the bed writing this blogpost when everyone else may be out and about doing things that they want. Not that I am complaining about my life now but a little more securiy would be nice.

2016 was overall good I’d say. Life got better and both me and ted gre tremendously in our relationship. I pray more and recite more. Also eat moređŸ˜‚ and the only thing missing was exercising more. I am still a homemaker with a degree. The year ended with great times with families and we both enjoyed the company they made when they were at our place. 

2017 comes in- waltz in slowly with both of us jobless, still can’t figure out what should we do next. Nervous for all the comitments that we have and worry about money to last until the next job comes up. But in the midst of all of these- i dont know why for some reason i feel happy and blessed and free. Ted is always around to play and cater to akhdan, we both can visit and stay at our parents’ whenever we want- others might feel worried but I can’t help but feel blessed. 

Dang it- i’m fungry. Brb


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