Update on Decor

This is the wall that I am pretty proud of for now and even so- this is considered plain still. 😂
We have the biggest move in this month- A Sofa! 
We’ve been contemplating on getting a new one since forever but this month husband finally said it’s time. The factor is simple- parents are coming over. 

So he finally has this urge to beautify the house and I am just stoked to see him talk about arrangements, layout and even accessories. Pinterest and Ikea Catalogue is basically our daily study now and I am literally counting days to head over and to finally purcahse it. 

Ted was all about comfort while I’m a little cheapskate on price. (Hello where are you good sofas but affordable?!) so he basically doesn’t mind spending a little more on a sofa albeit the fact that he wont be sittin on the sofa as much as I would🤔 

But last night we bith agreed on one thing- we both like deep seat sofa. Thank you Allah!  

Deep seat sofa are like the ultimate comfort in sofa-land to me. You’ll be sitting perectly comfortable where all your thigh will be supported and if you decided to take a nap- no problem.  

The biggest concern in purchasing the sofa is that it is not something we will use for few months- this purchase could prolly be years until the next one and we are very careful in selecting what we want. 

I have to pray to Allah hopefully this will be a purchase that benefits us in the future- Amiin. 


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