So after much hassle and troubles we finally move into our new place.  The move itself was chaotic because everything was so rushed and the fact that we got so little time to do everything makes it even more difficult. Thinking of it still gave me headache and lethargy. nevertheless, lets focus on the bright side- we have moved!

I have to make sure that I make a lot of du’a praying that this is the last house that we will live in and hopefully the next one is our own permanent home. I gotta say that this move will not happen if it wasn’t for my sister in law who helped a lot! I am most of the time out of energy because of my low blood pressure most probably because of not eating right throughout the weekend. like I would totally black out from the world in a matter of seconds.

And all the packing and unpacking goes to my husband and SIL and God bless these two for doing so many physical work, I can’t even imagine the lethargy that they are going through.

The house now looks decent and ready for guests and the only part that needs some work is the wet kitchen. the sink doesn’t quiet work and we have been struggling with washing the dishes. Also, I need to re organize the pantry and the cabinets so that it will be easier for us to navigate in the kitchen later. but goodness! i barely have energy even to walk in the house!

Please pray that I have heaps of energy soon and that this house will be a hppay house for us, InsyaAllah.


GTG, work now

Hopes For the New Crib

I have to write this down. Just to get myself sanity.

We are about to move. To somewhere closer to my work. And this is another transition this year for us. and please, let this be the last. and husband may have to work over in Perak and will be commuting on daily basis so another transition.

I have so much hope for this new place. Our current place sucks every bit of positivity in me and it is obviously affecting our lives. I pray for this new place to give me new spirit to start fresh and bright at the new work place since it is so near and give me a breath of new strength as a wife and mother too. since I wont be tired with travelling, at least i should have energy to function as a mother and wife. I sure do hope that I can cook better, and be a more positive person, both spiritually and physically. I still am a little bit more skeptic about the surrounding but every time I got that thought, i can’t help how much I love the insides of the house. And keep going back to the ideas of how that house is functional for all of us.


omg  I cannot stress this enough. The current house is sooo negative it sucks all fun in us as parents and the kid is running out of things to do as well since it is such a small space. When families come over they don’t exactly have their own space and I just hate that. I can’t cook much because i hate my current kitchen and the fact that it is soooo stuffy there now, i just. can’t.



Organizing My Thoughts





OK. I am at the office now and I am supposed to do my work but there are a few things that are bugging my mind that I simply can’t focus on any work. So, let me just focus on this here and blurt it out so that it’ll be out of my system. These few things has been boggling my mind and honest to God, I just hope that all of these will be settled asap.

Finding a house

I know. I know. For the umpteenth time we have talked about moving houses and to be quiet frank, we are sick of it too. I thought the house that we are currently residing would be the one last house we rent here. bu no Jose. God has another plan for all of us. Little did we know that we will not be residing in lovely Shah Alam forever. I mean, it is that one place that we are very familiar and the idea of having to find another place to stay just freaks us out a little(no really, a lot actually). So we have been looking for a house and the optimistic me keep saying somehow somewhere there is a house that fits our descriptions. What’s my descriptions you may ask? Well, well. it is my pleasure(pressure) to lay it out to you here so that I can have a peace of mind.

  • Price wise- I am so reluctant to spend over 1K this time mainly because we won’t be home most of the time and  to work so hard and to pay that much for something that is not even ours makes it even more difficult. However, this may seems like a wishful thinking because on average houses in Klang Valley, the rental would fall around 1k and above.  Some friends said that spend a little more on rent for as long as the house is comfortable and safe. But the optimist in me (again) believe that there is a house that we can accept within this price range- it’s just that we have not found it yet. (cries blood). Also, I believe that by paying less for rent I can save up and do other things with the money like a holiday  or a random trip if we want to. I see the importance of being able to do this since both of us are working now and that we spend less time with A.
  • Location- this is a real bugger to me because for three years in my first job, I have stayed somewhere so near I can even go back and cook lunch and still have the time to eat at home. So, this new job has some really high expectation to fill up. I understand that i have to let go of that thought thinking that I should stay 10-15 mins away from work and I understand that it is almost impossible. (unless if i have a lot of money). So right now, aside from having to explore a totally new area, I also have to used to the idea of driving for about 20-30  minutes to work.
  • Safety- now you have to understand that this is a new area that we are trying to live in, with a growing up kid and an expanding family, safety is a major consideration. My husband will not always be there for me so I have to make sure that it is safe even when I have to handle the kids alone. Be it day or night. over the period of two years in my last job, we stayed in the compound of my workplace and security is never a problem. Now, spreading our wings free we really are concerned about safety.




Nur Kasih 15999

Yesterday when we picked up baby A from the nursery we noticed that there are some bruises under his eyes and on his arm. Our first reaction was to either panic or stay calm. As parents, it is only normal for us to be protective and we went straight to the source and asked the teacher in charge as well as the  principal of the school.

After texting both, which to our disappointment, they both did not gave us the reason to why this red and blue bruises appears on his arm and face. We were appalled by the reactions given by other parents in this matter too. some took it lightly saying that it could have been an accident or the kid fell. but I can assure you that the bruises does not seem to be at the place where he fell and got them.

We know for sure that we need to do something so that this will not be left as something light. negligence of the teachers when things could have happen a lot worst is the last thing you want to happen when your child is at the nursery.

so we called. and case reported. as of now baby A stays with his dad.

So I am back as a career lady and I honestly have no idea how to feel about this because after one year of unemployment and being a SAHM, I know at some point that will be my comfort zone. But I also remember how frustrating it is to not have something serious to be done or to even dress up to work. Also not forgetting the part where no large sum of money banked in to your account every end of the month.

So, I guess that is basically my motivation- to get up, dress up and earn. For now the job is super far away from home that it requires me to take the MRT and not gonna lie, I was nervous at first. but as of today, the second day I slowly can get use to it and sort of liking it.  Although it includes some walking (which is not an armpit friendly thing to do in Malaysia) but I guess I can see that as the much needed exercise for my thighs.

Dressing up is a problem. because being a SAHM for a year, I lost track of my wardrobe. Let alone a functional wardrobe for work. Makes matters worst is that I am now expecting which means that I will, WILL grow bigger. I am glad that the company that I work at now doesn’t apply strict rules on what we wore as long as it is not a pair of flipflops or jeans. Super relieved this morning when husband actually ask what exactly is my plan for my wardrobe now that I am pregnant. At least somebody is paying attention and I don’t have to figure out everything. I can honestly see me shop for something new soon.

My prayers has been answered. The fact that I want this- our morning scenario- waking up early, going to work and nursery together instead of just one parent- and coming home together as unit too. I somehow wanted this. Yes, there may be challenges to it but yesterday this thought came to my mind- If  God puts me in this hardship to give me a better life then I shall embrace this and enjoy every moment of it.


God I love typing on my keyboard. So smooth and my PC is such a coolio- touchscreen ftw!


well, Update more in a bit. I wanna get familiar with company’s website now.


have a great day dinie. and everyone!