Day xx of No TV

So, some time around last week our TV broke due to lightning strike and that was the last we watched something on screen at home. Kids and me are having some sort of withdrawal from no screen time (yep, me included) as TV has been a big part of our daily lives and secretly the TV has been the escapism for me to distract the kids especially when I have something to do. Pretty much our daily routine starts from switching on  TV. Even my first born knew this. (it’s bad I know)

So when we have no TV I have this mixed feelings about it. Partially because now the attention would be on actual communication in the house but the other half was HOW BORED WE WOULD BE!

I can’t blame anyone for this, perhaps this is good for us.  The TV has been the center of our lives for so long and even my eldest son started to see the same thing- that it is part of his daily routine. However, I could be the only one realizing the good side of this and trying to make this good is even harder. I want to be able to communicate as a family unit all together and not just me alone. I can see that now without the TV my son would sooner or later start reading soon but he has yet a proper mini library of his own and that his toys still overshadows his books ( they’re all on the floor btw) and as for me engaging to them even more. For my husband, he has found an escapsm- a mobile gae on his phone and I curse the human being who created that, because now all he do is looking at his phone( seriously, I’m this close to snatching the phone, delete the apps and if must- throw the phone away) Don’t get me wrong, he still listens to my ramblings and responds but it’s lacking in eye contact and body language and all.

So, do we need the TV back? perhaps the need is different to everyone in the house…

Me: nope, I can totally live without it. Provided if II have humans to talk to.

Akhdan: Not really. He plays with his toys more, and engaging in conversations more.

Ted: definitely. OMG that guy without the TV, he is so clueless coming back from work. in fact writing this down makes me realize that the TV is part of his go-to thing coming home .

” I just want to come home, relax, watch TV with my family after a crazy day at work”

That was his exact word.


OK, maybe we needed the TV back. anyone can sponsor me? Probably 43 inch? LED? and oh, Smart TV? he he he






Creating a Meaningful Routine

“When doing something, make sure to put 100% of your heart to it”


It is easier to be 100% when you are working because obviously the aim is what has been set up by the company or your boss. Being a housewife, my daily Key Performance Index is pretty simple- get the kids fed and bathed, get food on the table, make sure things are in order and by 5 pm, I still have my sanity with me, and repeat that with utmost positivity towards the end of the week. It may not promise me a sane mind on some days but generally, I feel content with what I have to do now.

However, being a mom is not all about you and you alone. Most of the time it is more about your kids than you. You have or rather, naturally will put your kids first in everything even when you are in dire need of a new pair of shoes but your kids lack of long pants comes first to mind. Like I said, naturally.

So everyday, generally those are the things that I have to do until my husband came home and to the kids, that’s when all the fun starts. At some point they want to have fun with mommy too but mommy is just too occupied with her list, forgetting that the kids are dying to do something suitable for their age.

It is a constant challenge for me to come up with activities for my kid(s). It used to be with just Akhdan, but now, Asyir too. It’s a little tricky with Akhdan because everything is the first with him and with Asyir I just repeat whatever that is successful with her older brother, ditching the unsuccessful ones ( yeah, we’re never gonna do that sensory bins with pasta and green beans ever!).  make it a point to make sure the kids have their own routine. That is the lesson learnt the hard way with Akhdan where we do things according to his signs but babies know zilch! So this time on, I decide what you guys have to do.

That includes a regular routine of bath after waking up in the morning ( I want them to be ready straight away and not roam around the house with their dirty diaper), breakfast and milk, nap for baby while brother gets a little dance time and mommy gets her doctor’s dose ( i am hooked on Grey’s Anatomy nowadays). While baby is asleep, it’s time for lunch prep and feed, pump and a little rest before the rumble towards the evening where baby and brother gets a little bored. Around dinner time they’ll both get their bath and then gets to play with their dad before bed. Those are generally what we do on daily basis.

Of course I can’t deny the fact that brother now gets restless for not having anything to be done and his brain is absorbing so many things it is a waste for me not to put it to good use- ie learning and memorizing. So, i make sure that he is interested in books and arts now just to fill up his time and keep him occupied. The other day he watched a birthday scene where a crowd sings the birthday song and he can copy  the whole scene and sang the song even though he only watches it once! Imagine what he can learn with that kind of attention!

I am constantly trying and exploring new things for him to do that would cost me minimal mess and money and there are so so many things that can be done. I am excited for this!


we’ll see how it goes.



grocery shopping


A wonderful quiet morning just me and cup of coffee, polyvore and twitter at the back, kid asleep still.

I’ve been longing for this kind of morning but have been so so so weak at waking up early thanks to confinement plus having  a baby latching on me makes me feel like i have the need to sleep. Hopefully to more mornings like this afterwards.

Getting back on my two feet as my old self after pregnancy and labor is definitely a challenge. Before this whatever I do, the reason was because I am pregnant and recovering from labor. Now, I am more like my old self and taking full advantage on the fact that I am at least 10 kg lighter now. So, i force myself to move and not slum myself into laziness. I no longer dread t he fact that I can’t nap and I appreciate the fact that I sleep better at night even if it’s just 4 hours or less.

Anyhoot, the reason with Polyvore is that I find myself slacking in the dressing up department. Not dressy dressy kind of but just looking good part. Nowadays I simply put on anything that I can find or the same outfit over and over again and i don’t even bother ironing the clothes I put on. This is from someone who  believes that it is essential to look presentable anywhere anytime 8 years ago! Last week, what hits me the most was when I remembered my dream of becoming a very stylish mother if ever I am. and yes, I am now a mother  but far from being stylish. I would love to try and be the person I was before- dressing up even when it is just street casual. I need to start looking for essentials like denim, shirts and shoes of occasions that can me manipulated variously.

See! waking up early gives me a sense of myself. before turning into a mother in about 1 hour or so. more if i am lucky.

To more polyvore inspirations and blog updates!


grocery shopping by dniealias-1 featuring a green backpack


Labor Story of Baby #2


After what seems like a forever pregnancy, I have finally given birth to a wonderful baby boy of 3.8 kg at 5 am on th 17th of January, I am recuperating well for a vaginal delivery and this is my labor story before i forgot the details.

you see, this pregnancy seems to take on forever because the baby has no intention to come out earlier or on the due date. No matter how strong my wish was or how much i cried or even how much thinking I put into it. I was very pregnant until the very last day of  40 + 10 duration which is the max a doc can allow you. Anything after that you will have to be induced or forced labor. Gulp.

So, on the lasssst day of pregnancy we really took our time to go and surrender ourselves to the hospital- had decent breakfast with dad and husband, took our time driving slowly to the hospital which was 50 minutes away. By right, I was supposed to be there in the morning but meh, we only got to the hospital by 2 pm. lol. I was in no pain, still making jokes and laughs around. (But I was petrified inside by the thought of having to be forced to give birth since everybody says it is much more painful than the natural birth)

Immediately after checking in to my bed, I had to go through ECG and everything seems okay, no signs of contraction, baby is doing great. So, up next, Vaginal Examination. Thing with VE is that it is the most uncomfortable thing to go through if you have zero opening for labor. I keep telling my doctor at that time I don’t like it but I will cooperate and relax, just bear with me. And she was nice enough to understand the whole panic thing and I actually don’t feel much discomfort! well guess what- that was because I was already dilated by 3 cm! Then comes the good news, the doctor happily informed me that I do not need any pills, just artificial membrane rupture would suffice to expedite my labor. WHICH was the happiest news I can bear that whole pregnancy!

So I went through the rest of the day relaxing and eating, walking around the ward trying to make sure my opening gets bigger or get that contraction going. It was about midnight that I ate some satay delivered by ted and decided to try and get some sleep before the actual battle tomorrow. Well, doctor mention that I will give birth in the morning because the ARM procedure will only be done  then, but little did i know it was not 8 am in the morning! I keep monitoring the pain that I consider light because that was how i felt everytime i had it before. Only this time, the apps suddenly said go to the hospital and that was the first since i started using it. So I keep monitoring and realized that the intervals keep getting closer. so I alerted the nurse and they scheduled another VE.

The doctor found out that I am 4 cm dilated and decided to push me to the Labor room pronto. Ted, who was just about to sleep had to suddenly take all my stuff and be on alert. poor guy has been running around the whole day and weren’t able to have real rest.

I remembered it was 2 am in the morning when things got real- pain got more intense by minutes, and I wasn’t sure on how to handle everything despite the fact that that was my second time. 6-7 cm dilated I requested for ted to be in and they allow it but i guess it takes some time for him to come in. At one point I was in the LR alone and during that time the pain was so real i really feel the urge to poop or push. But since there was nobody around- I held it in!

The next thing I know, ted was by my side, the doctors came in, brake my water bag to expedite the process, the midwives came in- suddenly there’s a whole team screaming and shouting telling me what to do. I was tossing and turning from one position to another trying to feel more comfortable but comfort is impossible when a baby is coming out!

This time the labor was 100% natural, no drugs were given, no help to push my belly. I can feel the burning pain as the baby crowns, as they asked me to push. I was not aware of what I am doing, at one point i pushed but stopped so the baby was out and goes back in. I. CAN. FEEL.IT!

Then, I know that I have to do it one last time really hard and get it done and over with. it was surreal, relieving and magical all at the same time. Painful but so so so humbling. I keep telling sorry and thank you to the whole team. Even though they were tough on me but I know, I needed those kind of push. Then they had me cleaned, stitched up and ready for the ward.

Baby A#2 is out!

it was so surreal, when he was put on  my chest- Subhanallah.

Around 7 am I was pushed to the ward and by 4 pm I was discharged and on my way home.

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.


Baby is up! ttyl!