That Day When I Got Sick

Being a mother, health is a luxury that you would treasure the most like on any days you can’t even afford to be sick. When your husband is around, he can basically play tag and just take over the duty of being the fun parent while you get to rest. However, recently, my husband was transferred to a different state so on most of the days I’d be here handling my work and life alone and that includes my kid. I told him I will be fine and that I just have to survive 5 days without him around. But lo and behold, Allah decided that I should learn something new.

I fell sick.

Why do I say Allah wants me to learn new things?

Because I have never fell sick (since I’m a mother) when ted is not around. I do get light headache and allergy flu but that is it. A mere pop of the pill would instantly make me feel better. This time I cough a flu bug from my colleague and it got worst. I can even feel my throat burning and I rarely get cough so when I got one I know it will happen. I sort of pray that I would get better after a good night sleep on the first day but no Jose, It gets worst. On the second day, my whole body is aching (or protesting) and i was sneezing madly. come lunch hour, I was already too tired, I slept on my office floor. Colleagues said that I even snored and they were so nice to just let me sleep instead of making the usual noise. When I woke up they say good morning, how do you feel? and of course terrible was my answer. I was told that I can go up to the office lunge and I was a stage where I couldn’t even care if my boss will be angry at me for doing so or not. So I went up, slept in until it was about time to go back, I was actually awoken by the security who was locking up everything.

Going back- I keep telling myself that I must be positive and that I can’t be carried away with this sickness because I have a kid at home that would rely on me for everything. Alhamdulillah, everything was smooth. Even the nanny told me that baby A didn’t have a long nap so he might be a little tired. So last night we both went to bed around 8.30 and I am just glad that Baby A didn’t throw any fit about that. Lol.

I think, this time being sick I remain positive even though Ted wasn’t around and that I am pregnant with a toddler to handle. I can’t even cook or tidy up the house but at least I fed him something yesterday. There is always something new to learn from motherhood and even when you least expect it- you just have to let go of your comfort zone and embrace every single lesson that Allah has placed in your path. Alhamdulillah for this.


oh, I am still under the weather but at least today I can type.




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