Career Gal

The last a year and half I have been hoping and praying for a job that could make me happy and to be honest, I am not quiet sure what would. But over the years, I realized day by day what kind of work that would make me happy. I remembered the time when I pray for a job that is simple, that I could still go back home everyday without having to think about it or worst, dragging work back home. Now that I am a mother, not bringing back work is crucial as I have to make sure that when I’m home, it is an exclusive time for me and my family- nothing else.

I have also prayed that I would get a job that I enjoyed doing- partially teaching, desk job, heaps of English communication, understanding bosses. My last job was all about teaching and the other party, not much me. I was working my ass off but none was appreciated. it was as if i didn’t try hard enough, never enough for anyone.

In this new job- I am still trying to get used to the idea of working here  where I am required to multitask on different projects, have insights on almost everything and bosses expect me to always be on my very best.

I am not complaining. I seriously am not. If there’s are anything that I could wish for more in this company are higher salary ( who doesn’t, right?) and more off days ( again, who doesn’t, right?) but apart from that- I am totally okay with this job.

It gets kind of crazy to be expected to do so many thing like right now I am expected to boost the marketing promo, attending inquiries for the potential clients, prepare modules and at the same time attend to the current students. It is all a lot for my plate but I am slowly getting the hang of it. I have great colleagues whom I can mingle well, bosses that I can communicate even when I may seem to be too transparent and I get to enjoy my lunch at my desk just like how I love them. I am not expected to be dressy but I have made a mental promise to myself that I will at least try to dress up better and to get a well curated wardrobe as I progresses into this job. Sometimes it is overwhelming at work- because I can’t seem to juggle things well, sometimes it does get to me that they gave me too much but then I am reminded of the time when I don’t have any thing to do but complaint about how difficult it is to land a job. There will be days when I hate going to work, there will also be days where I enjoyed work- life just need that sort of balance you know.

But, even when things doesn’t exactly go my way- I need to always remind myself that  I, we, need this job more than ever. and that I gotta be strong, my kid gotta be strong. We need to survive this fog.

My future du’a for this job?

That this will be a good one for me,and our small family and from this job I’d get to save up, finish all my debts, buy a house and treat my parents well. as simple as that, really.







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