So after much hassle and troubles we finally move into our new place.  The move itself was chaotic because everything was so rushed and the fact that we got so little time to do everything makes it even more difficult. Thinking of it still gave me headache and lethargy. nevertheless, lets focus on the bright side- we have moved!

I have to make sure that I make a lot of du’a praying that this is the last house that we will live in and hopefully the next one is our own permanent home. I gotta say that this move will not happen if it wasn’t for my sister in law who helped a lot! I am most of the time out of energy because of my low blood pressure most probably because of not eating right throughout the weekend. like I would totally black out from the world in a matter of seconds.

And all the packing and unpacking goes to my husband and SIL and God bless these two for doing so many physical work, I can’t even imagine the lethargy that they are going through.

The house now looks decent and ready for guests and the only part that needs some work is the wet kitchen. the sink doesn’t quiet work and we have been struggling with washing the dishes. Also, I need to re organize the pantry and the cabinets so that it will be easier for us to navigate in the kitchen later. but goodness! i barely have energy even to walk in the house!

Please pray that I have heaps of energy soon and that this house will be a hppay house for us, InsyaAllah.


GTG, work now


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