Organizing My Thoughts





OK. I am at the office now and I am supposed to do my work but there are a few things that are bugging my mind that I simply can’t focus on any work. So, let me just focus on this here and blurt it out so that it’ll be out of my system. These few things has been boggling my mind and honest to God, I just hope that all of these will be settled asap.

Finding a house

I know. I know. For the umpteenth time we have talked about moving houses and to be quiet frank, we are sick of it too. I thought the house that we are currently residing would be the one last house we rent here. bu no Jose. God has another plan for all of us. Little did we know that we will not be residing in lovely Shah Alam forever. I mean, it is that one place that we are very familiar and the idea of having to find another place to stay just freaks us out a little(no really, a lot actually). So we have been looking for a house and the optimistic me keep saying somehow somewhere there is a house that fits our descriptions. What’s my descriptions you may ask? Well, well. it is my pleasure(pressure) to lay it out to you here so that I can have a peace of mind.

  • Price wise- I am so reluctant to spend over 1K this time mainly because we won’t be home most of the time and  to work so hard and to pay that much for something that is not even ours makes it even more difficult. However, this may seems like a wishful thinking because on average houses in Klang Valley, the rental would fall around 1k and above.  Some friends said that spend a little more on rent for as long as the house is comfortable and safe. But the optimist in me (again) believe that there is a house that we can accept within this price range- it’s just that we have not found it yet. (cries blood). Also, I believe that by paying less for rent I can save up and do other things with the money like a holiday  or a random trip if we want to. I see the importance of being able to do this since both of us are working now and that we spend less time with A.
  • Location- this is a real bugger to me because for three years in my first job, I have stayed somewhere so near I can even go back and cook lunch and still have the time to eat at home. So, this new job has some really high expectation to fill up. I understand that i have to let go of that thought thinking that I should stay 10-15 mins away from work and I understand that it is almost impossible. (unless if i have a lot of money). So right now, aside from having to explore a totally new area, I also have to used to the idea of driving for about 20-30  minutes to work.
  • Safety- now you have to understand that this is a new area that we are trying to live in, with a growing up kid and an expanding family, safety is a major consideration. My husband will not always be there for me so I have to make sure that it is safe even when I have to handle the kids alone. Be it day or night. over the period of two years in my last job, we stayed in the compound of my workplace and security is never a problem. Now, spreading our wings free we really are concerned about safety.





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