Hopes For the New Crib

I have to write this down. Just to get myself sanity.

We are about to move. To somewhere closer to my work. And this is another transition this year for us. and please, let this be the last. and husband may have to work over in Perak and will be commuting on daily basis so another transition.

I have so much hope for this new place. Our current place sucks every bit of positivity in me and it is obviously affecting our lives. I pray for this new place to give me new spirit to start fresh and bright at the new work place since it is so near and give me a breath of new strength as a wife and mother too. since I wont be tired with travelling, at least i should have energy to function as a mother and wife. I sure do hope that I can cook better, and be a more positive person, both spiritually and physically. I still am a little bit more skeptic about the surrounding but every time I got that thought, i can’t help how much I love the insides of the house. And keep going back to the ideas of how that house is functional for all of us.


omg  I cannot stress this enough. The current house is sooo negative it sucks all fun in us as parents and the kid is running out of things to do as well since it is such a small space. When families come over they don’t exactly have their own space and I just hate that. I can’t cook much because i hate my current kitchen and the fact that it is soooo stuffy there now, i just. can’t.




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