Nur Kasih 15999

Yesterday when we picked up baby A from the nursery we noticed that there are some bruises under his eyes and on his arm. Our first reaction was to either panic or stay calm. As parents, it is only normal for us to be protective and we went straight to the source and asked the teacher in charge as well as the  principal of the school.

After texting both, which to our disappointment, they both did not gave us the reason to why this red and blue bruises appears on his arm and face. We were appalled by the reactions given by other parents in this matter too. some took it lightly saying that it could have been an accident or the kid fell. but I can assure you that the bruises does not seem to be at the place where he fell and got them.

We know for sure that we need to do something so that this will not be left as something light. negligence of the teachers when things could have happen a lot worst is the last thing you want to happen when your child is at the nursery.

so we called. and case reported. as of now baby A stays with his dad.


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