So I am back as a career lady and I honestly have no idea how to feel about this because after one year of unemployment and being a SAHM, I know at some point that will be my comfort zone. But I also remember how frustrating it is to not have something serious to be done or to even dress up to work. Also not forgetting the part where no large sum of money banked in to your account every end of the month.

So, I guess that is basically my motivation- to get up, dress up and earn. For now the job is super far away from home that it requires me to take the MRT and not gonna lie, I was nervous at first. but as of today, the second day I slowly can get use to it and sort of liking it.  Although it includes some walking (which is not an armpit friendly thing to do in Malaysia) but I guess I can see that as the much needed exercise for my thighs.

Dressing up is a problem. because being a SAHM for a year, I lost track of my wardrobe. Let alone a functional wardrobe for work. Makes matters worst is that I am now expecting which means that I will, WILL grow bigger. I am glad that the company that I work at now doesn’t apply strict rules on what we wore as long as it is not a pair of flipflops or jeans. Super relieved this morning when husband actually ask what exactly is my plan for my wardrobe now that I am pregnant. At least somebody is paying attention and I don’t have to figure out everything. I can honestly see me shop for something new soon.

My prayers has been answered. The fact that I want this- our morning scenario- waking up early, going to work and nursery together instead of just one parent- and coming home together as unit too. I somehow wanted this. Yes, there may be challenges to it but yesterday this thought came to my mind- If  God puts me in this hardship to give me a better life then I shall embrace this and enjoy every moment of it.


God I love typing on my keyboard. So smooth and my PC is such a coolio- touchscreen ftw!


well, Update more in a bit. I wanna get familiar with company’s website now.


have a great day dinie. and everyone!



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