Ode to Number 2

Baby, are you still there?

Or have you sailed away?

I know this might sound a little off but to be honest I’m not sure myself how to react to this. 

You came when we are in the midst of financial calamity and we took it as a great sign that great things are ahead of us. 

But baby, you gave us signals that we are not ready. You warned us that we are pushing this. And everyday those signals makes me wonder if any of us are ready for this. 

You’ve warned us. You strong baby. And as of tonight i feel odd. And the strong signs that came out- i will prepare myself for anything tomorrow- come what may. 
If you are here to stay- stay strong baby.

But if you have to let go- I am so sorry for not being able to take good care of you as of now. 

Come back when we are all better okay? 
P/s: tonight I bleed the most theough this second pregnancy and after yesterday’s road travel- I don’t feel too good. 


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