That Night In the ER

A little update on the pregnancy department.
So far I don’t feel like I’m pregnant and pretty much felt normal. However, I’ve been experiencing some spotting and the latest- bleeding. We traveled a lot this month and I guess it is taking a toll on my body. So after the bleeding comes wothfeq lumps of blood out we got worried and head over to the clinic which tha doc suspects that the sack is no longer there. So she referred us to the hospital pronto. 

Long story cut short- i am still pregnant but with monitoring. 

What I had is called threat miscarriage where basically the baby is giving out warnings the the body’s condition is too weak for it to stay or something like that. What a fighter I’m telling you. 

So now back home trying my best not to do a lot because ever since the hosital the bleeding haven’t stopped  since. 

To be honest I don’t know how to feel now. Like i don’t want to get my hopes high but also at the same time i believe that with the pregnancy news comes better news too. And these series of bleeding just makes me feel like I’m having my period instead of a baby(or more- i swear it is sooo different from baby A, i think im carrying twins 😑) 

I’m just gonna wing it now. If it is meant for us now insyaAllah it(they) will be there.


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