Sending Off 

That is my youngest sister. It is easier to refer to Ted’s sibling as sister as compared to sister in law. She recently got accepted into a what can be considered as a good school and we had to send her off on behalf of my MIL. Being in the environment, looking at all the potential successful people just gives me the feeling of I want to be part of the success, part of victory.

My life now is so mellow that I am super relaxed, not in the rush for anything, not even hustled by anyone- and I love it because I am calmer and more peaceful. But that school just reminds me of who I was before- a driven girl who would do just anything that I justifies good. That girl who would apply for jobs just because staying home over a semester break is a waste of time, that girl who would apply for jobs right ahead of everybody even when she haven’t even graduate, that girl who scores every single interview and landed jobs just because she’s confident and doesn’t give a hoot about what people think of her, that girl who can rock any outfit for as long as she fel comfortable in it. That girl who can carry herself well in any situation.

That girl is married now and a mother to a wonderful cheeky son whom I can see inherits that girls attributes. Where is that girl now? Not so sure but I sure do miss her. At times like this it makes me wonder if I had made the right decision to not take that government teaching job, or that position at that Uni and whether fighting for a job that I am no longer in was truly worth it or otherwise. 

And at times like this, it is a challenge to keep telling myself that there must be a reason why Allah puts me here- right in this position. Even when things got a little rough- i’d wish for things to be fast forwarded to where I have a job and that both of us going stable. I don’t know man. That school gives me so much empowerment i feel like submitting my resume to the principle tomorrow and who knows suddenly they say there’s an opening😂 


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