That Secondary Line

It is the end of January and so far this month’s summary is all about family time. We went back to our hometown and stopped to visit our nephew who was warded due to high fever, visitted my dad who was down with really bad cough and he lost a lot of weight. On our way back what was supposed to be Perak, we decided to just wing it and head over to Ted’s hometown instead and we stayed until today😂 with our 3 days worth of clothes. 

Ted asked whether I’m okay with staying at his mom’s place this long. The immature me would hve said things like I wanna be home etc etc but honestly- I feel great. I told him

“Even though we should be worried sick about unemployment and commitments, but take this time off as a chance for us to be with our parents. Maybe this time we spend longer time at your mom’s, next perhaps mine- but for now we are here- do as much as we can to help. This is a form of rezeki too”

Wow sometimes my wisdom amuses me. 🙄

But frankly speaking- i really do enjoyed it here. I am able to pray more and recite more. I was more of a big sister this time around which is kind of fun. 

The not so fun part is when I fell sick the whole time I’m here. And taking medications juat doesn’t work. That is when we decided to just get the test kit and  give it a go.
Welp. Turns out I’m not sick.  It’s just my body telling me well, I got some baking in the oven. 😂
Do pray for a smooth pregnancy this time. For the time being I gotta get myself used to the idea of having two little humans. (Or more😂)


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