That Time When We Go On An Island 

This was last month and I only get to write this down now because I just had this thought of having regret if I didn’t put this down here. So here it goes…
Our first family island getaway!

I legit took all of these photos only by using my phone. No filter needed. 
It was surreal. To finally go to a place I’ve been dreaming of every night but this time better because I get to show my husband what Malaysian Maldives looks like! 

But this is the highlight of the whole trip- private beach! 

You see- the time we chose to go was highly unpopular. It’s considered as a low season. In Redang itself there are two parts at the beach and the side of my resort is still pretty much lively but the other side of Pasir Panjang- the whole stretch, none of the resort were operating. Alongside that stretch was also where my dad used to work too. So, the second morning we decided to take a walk to the other side of the beach and to our surprise- it is super quiet! We were the only one there😅 i could even go skinny dipping if I am That crazy😂 

This side of the beach,to me, is more suitable for peoplewith kid(s) like us because the shore has almost no corals. So it is pretty safe for kids to walk along the sea shore.  The view? Breathtaking! I could just get drowned soaking in all these view and emotions. 
Till today I can’t stop saying grace to Allah for giving so much to my husband to the point where he can bring us to this wonderful place. 

I still dream of the island in my sleep- just too beautiful to forget😍


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