Moving In and On


The curtain that I thought I’ll use at the sliding door of our old house; little did I know they will be hung at our new place

So today we finally went full throttle with the moving out project. Ted has been giving vague answers whenever I asked him the day that we will finally move out. And today, after so much hustling, we moved out of our old place and into our new place hopefully called home. Ted and his brother finished shifting all the stuff at almost 2 a.m! God bless these two souls for having so much strength☺️😔
This new house marks everything new for us- from furniture to spiritually. Allah has been very kind to us and a little push is much needed to realize that we are doing OK in marriage life😅

To me, simply, I took this oppurtunity to be a better person. I want to. I insist. I have to. There are a couple of things that I’d like to remind myself about moving here:


Ever since I moved to this state I make it a challenge for me to perform my prayers on time. And to constantly adapting myself to new routines, this has been the most challenging part. I guess it is really difficult to change a habit but this is a good  one so I must prevail! I’d also like to do more of the sunnah-dhuha, fasting- spritually drawing myself towards Him, only then I believe it will make this home a happier place to be. I remembered about reading the routine of a stay at home mom who used to work but changed her roles. She said “when you were working, your KPI was determined by your bosses. But being a SAHM your biggest KPI is performing your solah on time”. Reading that makes me feel embarrased with the sudden realization that nobody is here to stop me- so why did I sabotage my own deen? Astaghfirullahalazim😔 May Allah help me in this. 

💛Breakfast and mealtime

Ever since Ted works here, mealtime has been pretty simple. He insisted that way but I always feel like I could do better. He never forces me to make breakfast and simply will not wake me up just so that I can stay in bed and stretch my rest. However, his work has been so demanding I rarely eat with him. Or spend time with him. Previous place my biggest excuse was that our room is upstairs while the kitchen is downstairs and we dont have a proper dining table. So in this new place- it’s layout is one floor and we got a new dining table! So no more excuses💪🏼 I vow to make his first meal of the day even if it just sandwhich or a cup of coffee. May Allah ease this too!


I vow to make everything spotless! As much as I hate dirty house or corners, often times I feel like it’s always me doing the cleaning. It used to be Ted but he has been tired most of the time when he’s home and I just can’t wait for him to do it all so I have got to do it myself. But the thought of just me makes me hate the chores. Since this house is very new and clean from any germs from previous tenants, I have to discipline myself to always make sure every corner is spotless. That way it’ll be baby safe too!

💛Photo-Ready Decor

One thing that we didn’t do at out old place was that we didn’t do much decorating. Because we always think that it is not our own place and that it is only temporary. Those thoughts has made me a depressed homemaker- logically I am a housewife and home is basically my office. When it was so dull, I have zero attachment towards the space- in fact I hate the whole house. I don’t love the curtain, the floor, the wall- everything suddenly became so negative and that is no longer a happy place to be in. So for this new place I want it to be camera ready. At every angle. That includes plants if I have to, good curtains or even cute plates or boxes. This way the house will look presentable and more homely feeling to it. I need this house to be a happy house- for the sake of my kid and my marriage. May my husband help me with this.

💛Overall Life: Organized, Positive and Lifted Lifestyle

Those are the aims. My du’a for this house is that may this be a new beginning to a more organized home that’ll make us more positive and improved our lifestyle to a new level. Not only spiritually but financially as well as in career. House, i have high hopes for you. Please be a home😘
P/s: please remember this ND!




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