The Secret To Finding A House

Moving out really soon and I honestly cant wait. Major reason is because I hate maintaining the current house and also it is very warm there. 

We’ve shifted 80% of the stuff to our new place but since we git so little furniture we are currently having some problem placing all of our stuff. The new house is so new it’s like a virgin😂 so we are currently in the process of furniture hunting. I’m having all the fun here because well, decorating a house is like a million dollar project to a housewife and since I’m spending the whole day there I envisioned a loooot of things- practicality, ambience and comfort. But the most important thing is that I don’t want to spend too much money since it is not exactly our own place yet and the possibility of staying there for a long time seems vague for now. 
We are absolutely thankful when we found this house because it is completely new. But we found a trick while going about it. 

In search of a place to rent- of course location is a big factor. Once you sorted that out, narrowing it down to a spesific house is the hard part. Of course the condition of the house is up to everyone’s preferances but finding a house with an affordable rent requires a little dig up. 

You need to know the owner are of which race. Apparently, that could’ve affected the buyer’s price in purchasing the house and to us tenants- the monthly payment. So if you could find a Malay owner chances are the rent may be cheaper compared to other races. My landlord voted for the house pretty early but the quota went off and the price goes up. Do you know that? I don’t and now I do. (P/s lesson for house buyers in the future too)

Now we are in the car on our way to view more furniture. I believe that there ae ways for me to spend a certain amount of money and still get good furniture with style.  (I have faith!💪🏼)

Pray for us so that we can find a perfect place to shop🙋🏻



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