Another New Beginning

So today we have decided to shift to a different house- again. It’s not that we have any problem with the current place but little things adds up and become a huge ball and one tick just makes it all explodes. 

We have been ranting about how this house is hard to manage- too many strays around here:cats, cows, lizards and pigeons. These strays has been pooping everywhere and its getting tedious to clean up after. Also, our neighborhood is a nuisance- super noisy and nosy neighbors particularly during weekends and daytime which bugs akhdan’s napping. We’re this close to lodging a police report- it’s that annoying. We tried surviving the whole drama. 

Until we got a letter from our lanlord accusing us for mistreating their property and not paying the rent. As soon as we found out about that- we contacted her and gave all the evidences that we MADE the payments but it was her that didn’t check the transactions. 

After that letter, we figured that it was too much for us to stay here. It’s like a sign that we ought to move- hopefully for the last time at least for a year. 

I’m having mixed feeling about moving:

1) current house has sooooo much space that it doesn’t feel cramped at all. 

2) current house has two kitchen. TWO! Need I say more?

3) the new place is smaller which is good but at the same time not so good. Small kitchen for sure. 

I guess I am pretty sure now that the thing that I will be sad about the most will be the space. I am so used to having a lot of space- not sure if I can adapt to a smaller space soon.  But I really hope I can. It is important for us to feel happy about this home. And my prayers are that this marks a new and positive beginning for me and Ted. 
sigh. Where to put aaaaaalllllll the stuffs i have nowwwwww😭😭😭😭😭


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