The Itch

We had a huge fight yesterday and I still don’t have the intention to talk to an annoying onion. So I’ll just focus all the energy onto something else instead. 

Not gonna lie- I have the biggest itch to just do all of the below:

1) the itch to buy fabrics and sew new sliding door curtains. Just so that it’ll look a little more like home, or hotel, instead of a depressing door. By curtains I meant day and night curtain- not just a piece of fabric . Honestly guys, my current curtain is just depressing. I love it when i wake up the first thing that I’d do is to open the curtain and let the morning light slowly creeps in. while enjoying my cup of coffee. 

2) the itch to reorganize my kitchen. But this is mainly because my kid reorganize them like a hundred  times per day and I am this close to being sick with cleaning up the mess over and over again. Also, I’d love to display my oven and mixer somewhere relevant- still in the kitchen but somewhere more appropriate. I’m telling you- if i have to wait for Ted to have all of these done- i’d be old and wrinkled. I need to buy that wooden rack to place all these stuff up instead of down. 

3) the itch to purchase a pair of heels just because i want to use the money for me. But knowing me- i probably will never do that. I have changed my profile picture to the shoes I want just to get the message accross to Ted. But knowing him I know better that he will never ever get the hint. I don’t even understand the purpose if this itch. 

4) the itch to just change the outlook of everything. I don’t want to live in this depressing living hall on a daily basis and to get my husband to see and understand how this is NOT lovely is just plain stupid of me. I should just get it done. You know- just get it. Sheesh

Knowing myself and how I LOVE making lists- this is a list, and I prolly will cross them off one by one. 
So many itch. It’s depressing.



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