Eid Party


Last night we survived our first ever independent party! Whooppp🎉

Independent-why? Because it’s the first ever part that we hosted and ordered nothing from outside. Every single dish is made at home. 

We planned the whole thing a month in advance and slowly progressing through the plan as the day comes nearer. That includes grocery shopping, kitchenware, cutleries and down to the nook and cranny needed. The menu was as requested by Ted’s colleague- My Nasi Lemak Kampung.  (They had it before and want it again) so it is easy not having to think what would people eat. Alongside that we have lamb and mutton as well as chicken and sausages to grill, cream puffs, lemon meringue cookies, chocolate cake and drinks. All made at home. We marinate the  poultry, bought the plates and serving dish, organize the house- just me and Ted. 

I love how our teamwork works and the fact that everything went smoothly is a blessing. Ted has always wanted to host some light dinner for his colleague and only now God has given us the opportunity to do it. We plan and discuss what should be done and that is just a great feeling to be able to work hand in hand with your partner. As if you can see that this is the person i’ll be able to work with for the rest of my life, InsyaAllah. 
The party was a small-close celebration but everyone is happy, well fed and just relax. That is exactly what we want and wecouldn’t  wished for a better way to have it.
We may do it better the next time but as for last night- Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah for allowing is to share your rizq with everyone else😘




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