A Lovely Bond

When I was pregnant I can remember clearly that one of my prayers is that to see my kid adore his father dearly. I know my prayer has been granted ever since I was in confinement. But day by day it is such a beautiful memory to see how he grows fond of his father even after having to spend almost all day  with me. 
As of lately he is now 13 months old and i can see his development especially cognitively. He knows what he wants. 

Yesterday my husband had a day off after 3 consecutive weeks of working. I am ecstatic to have a day out. Little did I know so is my kid. We went out to a mall and he now can walk on his own without any assistance so that only means one thing- freedom! We literally had to run chasing him around. And all of us are fasting!😂 after we went home I thought he had enough. Turns out nope- not even close to being tired or satisfied with the day spent. Both me and Ted were knackered and just want to sleep in early. Nope, not to this kid. He refuse to sleep and only wants his father. 

I mean i gave you milk and live and tlc- but if his father is around- I’m invicible. 

Some moms out there would’ve been sad for this but I think it is beautiful- this bond. A motherly love is nowhere the same with what a father can offer. I’m telling you- his face brights up as soon as he sees him coming at the door. And suddenly I am just a peck of dust😑

Nevertheless- thank you kid, for being such a wonderful baby to us. We wuv you!


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