Lets face this

This up and coming Eid of 2016 will be tough. 

I kind of don’t want to go back to our hometown because of the massive traffic  jam ahead of us and also not wanting to see certain people. 

Can we just go somewhere for a holiday instead? 

Can’t believe Ramadhan is leaving us soon.  I haven’t done much as of now. At least not as much as I wanted to. 

I am still very much engrossed with worldly issues(mostly related to money. I hate being in this state sheesh) and keep in neglecting what’s beyond that. 
In the midst of all of these, I realize that I have been praying for the wrong things in life. Keep praying for things that I want now but wouldn’t benefit me in the hereafter. Should’ve prayed for something more everlasting. 
May Allah provides us guidance through and through.


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