What Have I Been Up To

We have been residing at our current place for about 4 months plus now and nothing has been the same since then. It was a constant changing routine- be it for Ted and of course me. His current job is way too different than his previous although the same position. This new workplace has demanded his commitment so much that I am jealous at times😂 

As for me- everyday is a new challenge. Having to adapt to every single changes is hard. Especially for someone who doesn’t quiet like changes. Ted’s work schedule is changing, life cycle is changing, now is the holy month of Ramadhan- and up and coming will be Eid- constant changes I’m telling you- I can’t even. 

Previously I thought sewing would be my way out when we moved here. But geographically speaking it is almost impossible. So impossible that I have to get my sewing supplies posted from S.A. It’s rediculous. 

But Allah might have better plans for us. 

I am now a baker. I bake on daily basis fyi. And to my surprise- i love it. More than I love my old job. Lol. 

Lets see where this goes.
Gotta wink




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