Position: domestic goddess/engineer

  Nowadays my kitchen is pretty much my office. Day and night i’ll spend most of my time there. There will always be something that I want to make. If i could do this while earn some money i’d be soooo happy. 

From a career woman to a domestic engineer aka homemaker- it really took a toll on my self confidence. At least a bit. I was earning thousands and suddenly almost zero. Why almost? I do sell some stuff online but not as stable as earning a monthly income. What adds to the pressure is my mother and mother in law- both teachers- they have been pressuring me to work just because I have a degree. 
It is difficult enough for me to accept this reality that I am no longer working- I don’t need extra pressure from people putting ridiculous aims on me ie with my degree i should at least work as something. Need I remind you like how I keep on reminding myself that whatever that is going on with my life right now is part of Allah’s plan. If He wills for me to work then insyaAllah- come what may- I shall work. From my end what I can do is try but if He did not permit it then it will never happen. Stop putting this “you should be doing this and that” onto my plate. 
One of the reason why I don’t need other people to meddle with my life decisions unless if I ask your opinion- then it matters. But I didn’t- please, just keep them to yourself thank you. I’d rather have a conversation with Him about my insecurities rather than talking to people whom only knows how to suck the blood out of people. Rizq comes from Allah swt as a colleague advised me before. And that I shall believe. 
Take that. 



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