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As of lately I have been keeping myself busy with all of the above. thanks to my sister, she introduced me to one of her friend that was looking for somebody who could custom made pouches- and there I was- hands up. 

All these while ever since my uni days I have been making my own bags and pencil cases. Made some for collegues as farewell presents, made some just for fun.  I always ended up making something- either clothes or things- something. 
Alhamdulillah for this small rizq that Allah bestowed- this opportunity to make something that I love. It may not be much now but I hope it will grow into something bigger. I am currently making more of this and I can’t help but feel excited about the finished products. 
I have been reading blogs lately and mostly said it is not too late to have goals and the very importance of having one and be very clear about it. Have to admit- I’m a little scared to actually say what I’m aiming for because simply- i’m afraid that I’ll jinx it. Saying it out loud somehow makes me feel like I’m not going to make it happen instead of otherwise. 
Funnily enough, all these while I have been writing aims and targets on anything I could- and what’s funnier is that almost all of them is crossed off. It may took a looot of time but when I stumbled upond what I’ve wrote, I can’t help but say ” Ya Rabbi, You really give me all I wanted”

So earlier this year, i wrote in my planner that I could earn xxxx amount out of sewing. Judging by the speed I’m going now,not going to happen anytime this month but hey- I have to have faith! 

InsyaAllah. If Allah wills.If this is the journey that He wants me to go through- bring it on. I believe that His strength is in me. 
Kung Fu kicks!




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