Puting myself Out there

On social medias
Every now and the. I’d allow myself to be engrossed by the enchantment of the social medias. I am, truthfully, addicted to twitter and instagram and to be honest if there’s more social medias coming, i no longer have the capacity for it. That is how much i am addicted to them now. 
And of course whatever comes with these social media sites can both be good or bad. 
As i am slowly immersing myself i to the online business market- social media basically provides the platform for me to promote and find clients. With very little sources that I have where i’m residing now, these two networks allow me to at least put myself out on the market- even though it seems very petty- at least for now. 
However, they also come with these images of successful friends all around me and this could be a little depressing. Things seems to be great for others too well- a new handbag, vacation pictures all over, shopping haul- you know, money to spend, love to show those kind of things. All of these makes me died a little inside and making my heart surfacing with negative thoughts like how come she gets that? Or why can’t I have the same thing? To be frank- i hate those kinds of thoughts- very evil and downright depressing.
For some reason I keep telling myself that my time will come and this is part of the sacrifice that I have to do for my small little family. I Have to keep on telling myself that all of what I am going through right now is part of His plan and his plan is always the best. Maybe something that i like is bad for me and something that i dislike could be good for me. 
InsyaAllah, one day my time will come for that dream handbag, vacation year round and money to spend buying things that i love. Just a reminder for myself in the future — do yourself a favor and don’t post them on social medias. For all i know there’s another person out there wishing of the things they didn’t have. 




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