Move Out Day

The day has finally come! By the end of today hopefully if everything goes well, I’ll be in my new place probably too knackered to do anything. 

I have tonnes of things to do (like I need to pack the whole house) and god please give me strength- packing isn’t exactly my forte. You should’ve seen me packing my bags for a holiday- pack unpack until i think I have everything sorted. So imagine how would I do now that I need tonpack the whole house!

Albeit being nervous about the whole idea of me in charge of packing- I’d love to stay positive. I can’t wait to leave this dysfunctioning house (two seperat kitchens, no sunlight, roaches everywhere like where did they came from?!) and to sort my life with a new spirit. Allow me to jot this down here- moving also means me venturing onto business and I really need to make that work. Oh which reminds me that I have to post my very first product today to my motherhen. 

Tonnes of things to pack, errands to run- canmt believe Ted assign this task to me😒. 
Wish us luck! 

Rabbi yassir wa la tu’assir, Rabbi tammim Bikhoir. 



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