New Adventure Awaits

In a day or two(hopefully!) we will shift to our new place. It is a small house with huge kitchen and a cozy masterbed-attic upstairs. I really do look forward to start over at our new place and leave all these mess behind. I can no longer deal with having two seperate kitchens (not dry and wet) a bedroom with no toilet, and no sunshine through our living hall. I will also miss the super fast internet (new place have the chance to have no net at all😭) and also easy access to nearby shops and banks. 

On a brighter note, I look forward to building our new home. To be honest, we really are unsure of how long we will stay there- Ted has been giving me the idea that we might stay there until we can buy a house of our own because he is tired of moving around. I love the idea of staying put in one place for a long time but provided if I have him by my side. To me, Home is where he is. We may not have much now- we don’t even have a dining table, our previous house came with a dining table so it was redundant to get another. So, for starters, guests might have to dine on the floor. Moving in to this house really means that we will start designing our lives according to what we can afford- especially with me not working and earning a stable income and that everything will be on Ted’s shoulder. 

Some of the things that we need includes 

1) furnitures for Baby A’s room/nursery/playroom/stuff- closet and shelves

2) dining table- a decent one perhaps.

3) our very own closet- what we have now is very small.

4) tv area- shelves or cabinet

But I guess, for starters we can just make do with whatever we have for now. Our bank account doesnt allow us to do much and I can’t have such high hopes to have a picturesque view. Although, I am planning to diy, like a lot! 


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