For the first time in their life, they board on the plane to a country they have never been to and embark on a journey of spiritual cleansing. I bid goodbye to my parents as they  pursue their lifelong dream of going to the holy land- Mecca. The moment mother broke the news to me I was more than excited. My mood at that time was lifted immediately and I completely forgot what I was dealing at that time.

Up until today I still can’t remember what was I dealing with at that time.

Yesterday, bidding goodbye- my sister was sobbing almost hysterically (can’t blame her-she’s pregnant) and I was eager to just wave goodbye to my parents. I want them to go on a happy note. I know there are chances that they might not come back(Nauzubillah) or anything but being able to go there is basically a sign that He invited you to the the best place on earth and so why would I be sad for that? I can’t deny the fact that I’m a little sad to just let them go but being happy is something that I can do for them in this circumstances.

Yesterday mom texted on the family group chat saying they have safely landed and that she’s just performed her Isya’ prayer. Must’ve been nice to perform solah on a land where bliss is aplenty.

InsyaAllah, may their journey is blessed with His  guidance and mercy. May they come back safely.




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