Being Artsy


coco life

When I had my hardest hit this year (whatever that’s left with it) I wrote on this blog about the whole thoughts and gave the link to that post to the closest people in my life. My sister responds was one of those that triggered me the most …


I almost forgot how interested I was previously with taking pictures and making things. Until this hit. This comment. If there is anything that I realize with this job is that it drained my energy into a person so plain, it’s difficult for me to even make it sound nice. So, i have to make it work again. The artsy side of me. should be more fun now that I have a kid.

Maybe I can reconnect by starting the long due project- his touch book. I have plenty of felts, swing machine, fancy buttons and one artsy feeling coming my way!



lets see if it’ll be a book. lol



xoxo ND


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