In the search of a ‘Home’

I wrote the previous post when I was slightly nostalgic about our first home together and slight despair in the search of a new place to live in.It is not easy finding a place where you want to live with your family next.

The current space is basically free because of my job and it is okay- air conditioned in two rooms, two kitchens, four bedrooms, zero sunlight but I adapt to that, constantly shocked by the loud Adzan. So in completing my contract soon I have to shift to a new place.

Do I remain here in Klang Valley or do I shift to a different state altogether and start fresh by my husband’s side?  This Valley has a lot of possibilities- businesses or job opportunities whereby in the other state everything is going to slow down. What kind of house do I live in next? Don’t forget it is not just about me and Ted, but Baby A too!

I know for sure I’d love to be a part of a safe community – multiracial or not, and there has to be a mosque or musolla nearby, Gorcery stores or even a market. The house has to have good sunlight every morning and peaceful during the night. The kitchen MUST be of suitable size and it would be great if the whole house itself is cool. I don’t need a big house, just a nice size for the three of us, some space for work (Ted’s and mine) and additional room for future guests.I’d be thankful if I don’t have to take any stairs!

For some reason, in the back of my mind I sort of  imagine ( more like prepare myself) in becoming a full time housewife with a small business aside. Not sure how it will work out but hopefully towards the better.

Please pray that we can find our next family home!






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