Sugary Affair


Every now and then I will have things planned out for the weekend since those two days are the only days where I am allowed to NOT think about work until Sunday night. I knew last weekend was the weekend where I don’t feel like going out at all ( primarily because I am close to having nothing to wear, seriously and literally guys) so we stayed at home. I was having fun because the domestic goddess in me was just dying to get out. Had fun cooking for my husband and eating at home really brings a whole different level of comfort.

Recently, we got ourselves a decent new oven with rotisserie function. I was really excited to start making things with it that I can’t before. Baking and whipping things up. I am even more excited when Ted gave encouragement for me to buy a mixer so that I can make cakes and whatnots after this.

Last weekend I did chewy chocolate chip cookies and cream puff with custard filling. Successfully made the cookies and Ted ate a lot of them ( so happy!) but the cream puff was, sadly, literally, down the drain they go. My mixture was a bit too runny so I can’t even pipe them properly.

oh well.

Looking forward to more things to do next! husband keep mentioning roasted chicken, I might google that.


domestic goddess *smooch*


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