Back to life

I have given birth!

My labor story was very long and I decided after a long hiatus of not writing anything here, I will not write about that yet. I will one day so that baby will somehow know how hard it was for me to push him out. lol.

I am back at work and still trying very hard to cope with work and schedules and constant battle taking the stairs. I though I was doing fine until I realized that I am npt fully committed to work just yet.

Today I read my colleagues tweet and how she sounded so professional even when talking about make ups and other non-work related stuff on her social media. Then I reflect; do I sound like that on MY social networks?


and I hate that.

So, I took out my laptop and start transferring stuff from my phone to it so that I will have more space on my phone from now on.

I have no idea what is the significance of the stated action above but somehow I feel like that is necessary when I need to get my life sorted. I told my husband this week I lack in focus at work, I need to step up. and he smiled. That’s it?  so much for trying to get support there.

Baby A is currently asleep after a whole evening of talking to himself and his rattle toys on his play mat. I seriously need to get sorted on my daily schedule like I can’t even afford to be tired because I have so many things to do on my list. My daily routines now involves waking up early, get ready for work, pump, breakfast, punch in early, go to class and enjoy every bit of it, punch out, take baby A for a walk outside, cook decent dinner cum lunch for husband, pump, do some work, sleep early. On weekends I’d really appreciate it if I can do house chores while baby A sleeps.

I need to step up my game. I’ve been demotivated for so long. It’s time to wake up!




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