Being able to wake up and be productive.

Alhamdulillah, today marked my pregnancy to be exactly 28 weeks (7 months OMG!) and each and every day has been a very exciting journey. Most of it was filled with ‘i-don’t-knows’ or ‘perhaps-it’s-the-pregnancy” thing. Since I am picking up new things almost every second, it is very exciting. I totally understand why mothers out there said that they missed being pregnant.The special treatment from your husband and everyone around you, the positivism and good vibes- you can’t help but feel good all the time ( even when your back felt like it’s about to break in half!) I noticed that now, even when I have a lot to be concerned about, in the back of my mind there’s this one small voice telling me that ‘hey, you have a huge blessing growing inside you now, be happy for that!”

Last night (every night was a different battle), i was super tired and my whole body just felt very heavy and I went to bed not even realizing that I did not sleep in a proper posture. Good thing that Ted is very caring and he placed all the pillows necessary and I woke up feeling much better. Took care of breakfast (good thing to cook last night!), prep the lunch box for myself and head to work just nice before punch in time. Sent daily OOTD to my circle, now checking my planner for today’s appointment and updating this blog.

Being able to do all these makes me feel productive. It’s only 9.50 am in the morning and the day is still a long way to go before I can return to my fort but I’d like to thank Allah for giving me such blessing because having time to do something is also considered a rezq even when I don’t deserve them at all judging by my actions.

Sipping my creamy coffee and will take my meds in a bit, i feel relaxed. Thank you Allah. Please award the same blessing to the people I love too- back at home.

10 minutes to class, GTG!




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