The Expectations and Hopes

As this pregnancy is really something that we both didn’t expect, it didn’t come to us to think of what we are expecting. We really have no idea of what we should do and prepare for. Everyone has been saying to us we still got time to prepare ourselves. So, we did. Slowly.

We both have not been good children to our parents at least to our parents standards our of our own standards. Yet, that won’t stop us to believe that we want to be the best for our kids and vice versa.

Being a mom.

I’d like to be the parents that I adore. The kind of parents that would love their kids no matter what and nurture the kids with love and laughter, oozes positivism in the household no matter how hard thing are going.  If possible I’d love to learn and grow together with my child and to realize that every single step is a memory for our small little family. I once told my students that I would love to have a happy baby and Ted would like a foodie baby and if I get that, I’d be happy. If the baby is a good baby-sleeps whenever we put him/her to bed, eat whenever we feed him/her, smiles and laugh a lot it would be a bonus plus plus. But my colleague told me that as the mother, I should be the person that I want the baby to be and for now I think I’d like my baby to be a positive person-happy and bright.

For the baby.

As a mother/parent, of course any parents would want the best for their kids. Same goes to me. But to be honest, I just hope that the baby can change on how we live our lives and view life in perspectives- to look at every thing from a happier note, to always be thankful and to always love. There are so many hopes and wishes for the baby but most importantly not only the child will learn some thing from us but we, as parents, would love to learn new things as well. Help us change to become a better ummah, parents and individual, insyaAllah.

Let us all pray that this baby is the best thing that can happen to our family. Amiin.


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