Second Trimester.

I’d like to believe that I am now over the stage where I feel nauseated and having the constant urge to vomit. (Trying to be positive here guys) Currently Little Peanut is in week 15 after the second scan we had. How am I doing now? My energy has resurfaced although not 100% but at least I can last up until 3 pm nowadays compared to only 12 during the first trimester. At night, I am usually uneasy with my belly and I believe that is the heartburn. I have the constant urge to lie down rather than sitting up because it could be painful to my arse.

I am trying my best to control my food intake and I think the number one thing that I am most grateful now is the constant desire to drink plain water just because sugary drinks makes me irks and everything feels like it’s too sweet. It doesn’t really help you know when people that I met keep saying that I look fat when I don’t really eat that much (I think) I mean, my portion is much smaller but I do have second and third rounds. The fact that I have no idea how to distinguish between heartburn or hungry or mere stomach ache makes matters even more complicated but of course most of the time I resolved to eating. heh.

At work, the past few weeks has been challenging. Mountains of scripts to be marked and the fact that I can’t sit for so long makes it even more challenging. I almost cried but of course I held it in since crying won’t help those papers get marked anyways. The worst was on my birthday when I had to sit on my chair from 8 till 6 doing all the work and all. To be honest on that day, I don’t even have the feeling to celebrate and by the time I got home all I want to do was to lie down and relax. Ted was nice enough to buy me a slice of my favorite cake and wished me on the bed. I only ate like two spoonful and that’s it.

I am thankful for so many things during this stage of pregnancy despite the mishaps that we both have; his mother is admitted to the ward, financial is tight this month that I had to ask Cass to lend me money twice.

Still, I am thankful to the fact that I have a husband whose patience is just amazing. I am thankful that I am not craving for something impossible for my husband to fulfill and even when I do, I can still tell myself ‘No, I don’t really want it”. i am thankful that I can still drink plain water and eat healthily where I crave for fruits and veges.

Alhamdulillah. Up next, I want to write about my hopes and desires for this pregnancy and baby.




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