Month 2

On saturday marks the second month the bun in the oven baking. Happy thoughts are always about how the house will never be quiet and that Ted will finally has someone that adores him. On the other note, being pregnant is a struggle for myself.

As a person, I will always, always put comfort first. I’d do anything just to be comfortable.

When I’m pregnant- comfort is the first thing gone. I am constantly bloated, gassy but I can’t either fart or burp. Anyone pregnant would understand the feeling. I am now eating quarter of the normal portion and even that gives me the constant sensation to vomit. Worst part? I feel good and at the same time hungry afterwards.

But, I can’t go through all of of those without Ted. His patience is admired and I hope our kids will take after him on that. He do ALL the chores at home; cleaning, washing, sweeping, and not forgetting whatever I asked him to get-drinks, food, massage, comforter.

I’d say this; if I have to go through all this alone, I may weep all day long. Allah bless this man for granting him such patience.

Getting married is not all about being sweet and romantic. But sacrifices that you’d do for your partner. I can totally see why most people would disagree when it comes to getting married at a very young age.

Thank you Husband. I love you.


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