The First Month

Not. Fun.

Initially it was all “I can eat everything under the sun and still be hungry” and then poof, the next moment be like ” I can’t eat anything at all…”I constantly have this feeling where I am feeling full but my stomach us rumbling. It’s a mix feeling man.

The first month also surprises me by how easily I can be super tired. Before pregnancy, being tired is simply a state of mind and even where you are physically tired, you can still push yourself to do something. Now, it is a total diva! Like this morning how I woke up and took my shower earlier than Ted thinking that i can fix some breakfast once after he is done showering. So, like a good wife I fix coffee, heat up his lunch and ready to make the omelette. By the time the omelette is done, I was out of breath! literally! I had to sit down to put on my hijab.

Vomiting is a whole different department. The worst I had so far was throwing everything that I ate before just by opening my mouth and I can really feel the food rising up from my belly straight into the toilet bowl. afterward, feeling light!

So far, pregnancy has been a roller coaster ride. I am happy one moment and the next second I could be tired as hell. But reading this…

“Thank Allah

Being blessed with a child is indeed something we should be grateful for. Remind yourself that you are blessed; that to know that you are fertile is a very positive, morale-boosting feeling for a woman. Remind yourself that the mortification felt by countless women, who are unable to conceive after being married for several years, is much more psychologically and emotionally, trying than a few months of pain, weakness and fatigue.

Even if your pregnancy is “unplanned” or “unwanted” – force yourself to thank Allah for this blessing, because a pious child is one of the greatest means of benefit and reward after a Muslim leaves this world. Look at the bigger picture and console yourself by thinking, for example, “In a few years, I will not even think about this pain and weakness, insha’Allah, but will be enjoying the company of a beautiful child!” Also, remember that pious offspring is one of the major sources of continuous rewards for a Muslim even after death.”

My journey is a long way to go and slowly I shall improve. InsyaAllah.


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