The Thing About Red-Aunty

In the previous post I have mentioned about my red-aunt being late this month and it has been bugging me ever since. Imagine at work where I am teaching, i am constantly checking my back in case if I have a bad case of period drama. I can’t simply sit still and i always have this thought in the back of my mind that I am peeing blood the moment I get up to teach. 

Not fun.


So last night, I asked a dear friend of mine whether should I test for it or is it just me being too concerned about being pregnant. She said just get one for the sake of having my mind at ease. So I  asked Ted to bring me to Watson because I told him maybe I need to get a kit. The moment I mention that his face light up. So we went and actually purchased the cheapest on the market because I thought it could be nothing so don’t spend that much. 

My friend asked me to test it the first thing next morning since the hormone is still ‘fresh’. 


But Ted can’t wait and truth is, even I am excited yet nervous at the same time.


So at 11.30 pm last night I finally peed on a stick.


It was a very clear single line so my brain went all ” Yeay I can still jump around and eat all the stuff and buy everything for meeee” kind of thoughts when suddenly a second soft pink line slowly resurface and it became clearer and clearer. My brain that time? ” babies…babies..babies…labor”


I wasn’t so sure so I called Ted to check on it and he said “That’s a double line…is that…pregnant?”

” I don’t know”


Seriously I don’t know. I mean, it is way too early for me to say anything about this now but I can’t help it but be happy and breaking the news to close friends here at work. All I can pray for this is that this would be great news for me, my family and everyone dear to me. 


Let’s hope this bun keeps baking till next year!





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