The First Congo Bars

I am currently having my menses and sometimes this gives me weird cravings for food like how I always wanted to everything sour or savory and this time, everything sweet. Mom told me that growing up, as a kid, I have sweet tooth. Maybe, this time,  that kid in me is back for 7 days. After Eid, the budget was a little tight that I even consider going to a cafe and actually getting a piece of cake. But no no, now that I got that magic pan my student gave me, I decided that I want to give it try baking using that pan. So, I googled up instructions on how to make Congo Bars.

Surprisingly it is very easy. Just some mediocre stirring and mixed up all the ingredients, voila! So, I asked Ted who is excited about baking for the first time together to mix the butter with brown sugar manually by hand. If it was up to me i”d gave up after 5 minutes…because I’m weak and simply does not posses any arm strength at all( I can’t even open up a bottle on my own). 

I was too generous with the baking powder and flour department and  lacking of one egg, other than that I was fine. The bars turns out to be pretty decent. It sort of crumbles a bit but today, it sticks and doesn’t crumble as much. I’d give myself 3 stars for effort and pats on my back for not running to the cafe and get a slice. Now I have 10 slices…have not decided on what to do with it. 

Now, I have another wishlist. Wait, not one, two!

Buy a decent mixer that can at least mix (not the fancy type that costs a bomb!) and also a decent oven!

My kitchen would be complete if I have those as essentials. 🙂 Patience patience!








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