The Dream Handbag

Growing up, I never thought that it could be this hard buying a perfect handbag. Annually, mom would head down to KL and went on a shopping spree and I have to follow her around. To a certain extent I sort gave up on trying to understand what is it exactly that she wants in a handbag? Now, I find shopping for a handbag a waste of time. I am still using the same handbag that I got forgot-when and it even cost me less than RM80. Just because I simply lost interest in finding a replacement. (handbag please don’t die on me just yet)

So, I started looking for a replacement and I think I have found the one. Just not the money yet. but at least I have a target now.

The Long Champ Le Cuir suppose to mean leather. It is a bit different from Le Pliage as that one is made out different material. I believe this handbag speaks me in many ways, practical, long lasting ( I don;t have to think about replacement for at least the next 2 years?) and also very minimalist. I can see that it is usable in many different occasions and the fact that it comes with a long strap makes it even more appealing. The only problem here is the money. Now Long Champ is a name well know from Paris and even with the practicality it is offering, we are paying for the brand. In Malaysia, this might cost me more than RM500 considering it is leather. 

Still a bit reluctant on whether or not to get this. I mean, it is a lot of money for someone who doesn’t really shop for handbag. I’ve spent RM300 plus on a pair of sandals and I have been using it since then. So, I know I will put it to good use. For now This shall remain in my wishlist of 2014 or wishlist-of-god-know-until-when.

For now, my black handbag needs me.





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