The Thing About Ramadhan

This is the final leg of Ramadhan and it has been fruitful so far. Most people are excited about Eid by now and here I am thinking that I will miss Ramadhan and it’s tranquil. This month has reminded me to be rationale and calm no matter how big my problem is. There is something about this month that makes me feel so blessed even things are not as I have wished they could be.


As a wife now, I really enjoy cooking and what makes it even more fun is when friends come over for ifthar. I am just a rookie when it comes to cooking and most of the time I’d refer it to someone who’s done the recipe or basically google stuff. Now, heading out, we make sure that we eat in advance at home because simply food outside are just not good enough compared to home cooking. I am glad that my husband compliments my cooking even when they are bad or not quiet the same taste as it should be like how i made Briyani and it turns out my techniques have been all wrong! He even skips lunch at his office or any meal just because he wanted to come back home to eat my cooking. I’d say that is a compliment. 


I just wished that I’ve learnt how to cook sooner. Throughout my life, I was not molded into becoming an ideal wife but the values were picked up from people around me and seeing what’s good is part of the inspiration of becoming an ideal wife. Should’ve pick up more. Google is not that reliable. LOL


Now in Ramadhan, my cooking is basically tested but I am glad for having a husband who doesn’t complain for eating the same dish every other day. Since I discover the Asam Pedas Recipe which is basically fool proof using my mom’s blender, I cook it pretty frequent just because I love it. and thank goodness, husband loves it too! Thank you for being an eater. 🙂


Gotta plan my menu for today now.






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