The Thing About Sahoor



A woman wants her husband to be strong in Deen, to be her best friend, someone she can share secrets and jokes with. She wants to feel special, loved and understood. Brothers, if you want to be a good husband please realize that a woman’s needs are different to a man’s. Your wife’s main need is ‘emotional’. Prophet SAWS said “The best of you are those who are best to their wives,” [Bukhari].

When your wife’s emotional needs are fulfilled, you will have a more fulfilling marriage.


Alhamdulillah so far. I am very comfortable telling just anything to my husband and he is willing to listen even though sometimes he may not understand it. The point is he listens without complaining. Growing up, I have the need to constantly filter whatever I am about to say in front of my family members. Being the youngest, I have to always be careful of what I say. Now married and having my own small family, I’d like to practice the openness to discuss about just anything, and this starts with me and my husband.

This morning for sahoor, I was so knackered last night, I did not prepare anything for it. Going to bed thinking that we can just eat whatever leftovers available. This morning, my husbands wakes up late and there was nothing good to eat. He cooked rice but it was too late, it is already fajr. 

I really need to gear up on this Ramadhan- Suhoor and break fasting, reciting Quran, do more charity. Even if I have major changes in my life going on, My focus on Ramadhan should not be different. May Allah grant me and my husband the strength and consistency throughout the month. Amiin.


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