The Thing About Fasting



Perhaps my child, one day.

This year being married, is the first year celebrating Ramadhan with a special someone. Earlier today I asked my colleague if it is weird to be so excited about Ramadhan than Eid. She said that is how it is supposed to be.

Both me and my husband are super stoked. The idea of cleansing our hearts off our previous sins during this holy months has been interesting. Our days so far has been simple- We pray together, went to the mosque on the motorbike, trying out new recipe and with him helping me in the kitchen, deciding which Mosque to go together- has been enlightening. Simple things that could make me feel so blessed. I know things has been pretty rough with me and my side of the family but one day, InsyaAllah God’s willing, I hope They can see that the beauty of a marriage is not just the fun part, but also the journey of drawing yourself nearer, closer to The Creator.

I am really looking forward to finding my own inner peace and be closer to Allah as I have been distant for so long. To be given the opportunity this year to rejoice this is beyond a blessing for I have sin and to repent is the only way back to Him.

I amy not be able to put it in words out loud to make people understand certain decision I have made, but maybe, just maybe, InsyaAllah, one day you wil see.

Fasting this year has been interesting, but it’s only day two. (lol)

I am really looking froward to 28 more days of consistency and life-changing experience. 

How’s your Ramadhan so far?






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