The Thing With Grocery Shopping



How my trolley would look like in few years time.

Grocery shopping has always been my favorite trip of all time, especially when I am not paying. But when I do have to pay, I’d be anal about the thing I put in my trolley. Last night, I went off with my husband with a list in my hand. We picked things carefully, argue about the necessity and needs before agreeing whether or not it should rest in peace in our trolley. Until we come to the deodorant part. I’ve been using the same deo since I was in high school and last night husband challenge me to try something new- the spray on. 

I was skeptical. Not sure whether if I’d be happy with the result. 

And then the sauce isle where I argued and insist on my husband to take the fish sauce exactly the same as the one that I bought before. We move on to the next isle not picking any one that is available on the shelves.

Then I realize that I am so anal about these kinds of things. At the same time scared of changes as well.

This morning, I put on the new deodorant- the-spray-on. I must say, it smells good!


Changes are not necessarily bad. Sometimes, it could be even better than what we are use to.






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