The Thing About Work



I am always a believer when it comes to loving your job as your job is your Ibadah. The previous semester I was an excellent staff here, always early and leaves the office when it is already late. However, This year, 2014, is all about changes and adaptations in my life. Recently married and constantly moving to a new place is really affecting my work and to be honest, the way things are looking up right now is not so good. Also my workplace is not really the place where I can be just anyone I want. 

Office politics is a whole different issue but it is hard to just talk about staying alive without having people’s preferences interfere. So, I have to juggle in between that now. My record is not looking so good and at the same time people can just simple pick on me. 

One thing about how I work is that if you lay out 10 things for me to do, I’ll do that. Without having to tell every single thing to everyone. Honestly, I don’t even think that I have the time for that. Until recently, I consulted a senior staff here at work. She advised me that sometimes it is necessary for me to let other people know that I am doing my work so that people will not think wrongly of me.

I was…dumbfounded. 

I guess I can never break the societal needs of impressing the upper lot.


I am now slowly back on my feet and recuperating, if you may say. I need to be reminded that my job is My Ibadah. My ibadah is basically my heaven or hell. Pretty much now the view is looking rather hot.





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