The Thing About Marriage


At least for my husband.


It is not a fairy tale ending for me and my partner exactly. We were in a relationship for 9 years before we both agreed  to get married. It was a bumpy ride and a tough decision but I figured that what am I still waiting for? I can’t afford to score another sin credit especially when I don’t even know when I’m gonna go.

Wedding alone is not the highlight of my journey. It was just a simple ceremony and by the time we were done, I don’t even bother about taking pictures. I just want to sit down and grasp on the situation that wow, I am a woman called wife now.

The very first moment right after we got married was when we were in the car and just putting our hands together as if we were giving high-five’s to each other. To just realize that we can do that without a single guilt or feeling sinful, in fact graced by God, we were so relieved. 

The very first prayer as husband and wife was also wasn’t exactly picture worthy. I cried like a baby, snot and all just when I heard him saying “Dear God, please bless my wife (insert my name) and forgive all her sins previously…” 

I may not have the grandest wedding but it is my plan to have the grandest marriage by making Him and him happy. InsyaAllah.





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