The beginning.

Over the early years of my youth, I did blog on blogger and I find it pretty amusing. The attention you get from random strangers that soon became your friends makes it very enlightening. Until to a certain extent, life took a sharp turn and mine was filled with secrets and events that I could not speak in public. Hence, blogging became a burden and at one point I had to stop. Leaving my URL on an infinity hiatus.


I miss it. Blogging. I really do.


The fact that I can’t now look back at my days and see what have i achieved makes me feel like I am not reminded.

Blogging is not just about posting my good days, but also bad days, because that is simply how life works. The good days shall remind me of how I am blessed during my bad days and vice versa.


Thus, welcoming you to read my musings on secretlyaddictedtocoffee. Yes, it is a secret.


picture credit from here . Yes, that is tea, not even coffee.








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